Whisper Slippers - a few tips!

Hello everyone,

It is finally spring here in the UK and it feels incredible. The back door to the garden has been wide open all day and I can hear all manner of birdsong right now. Not to mention that everything is in full bloom and looking beautiful.

So, now that I have updated you on the weather, let's talk about the latest pattern, the Whisper Slippers! This pattern has given me a lot of unexpected joy. Such a fun project and the small size of the pattern pieces might have awakened some doll dressmaking memories from my childhood. I hope you give this pattern a try. It's great for gifting, too.

I got a few customer questions so I thought I'd add a few tips here to help you along the way.

1. Measuring your foot/feet for size: Use the length of the foot as a reference when choosing the size. Simply place a tape measure or ruler on the floor and step on it with the 0 starting point by the edge of the heel, then see where the toes reach up to. Width is generous to accommodate most feet, but don't be afraid to adjust if needed.

2. Foam stabilising (interfacing/batting): It is necessary to find and use the right product in order to maintain the lightness, structure and flexibility of the footbed. Anything denser or softer or heavier could be either difficult to turn right side out, or will not result in a very neat finish.

I used Bosal Sew-in Foam Stabiliser which is not fusible. There are other similar/equally good products out there. Here are some things to copy and paste on your browser when searching online: 'style 492 - bosal in-r-form sew in foam stabiliser', 'vlieseline style-vil foam interfacing', 'pellon flex-foam sew-in stabiliser'

These products are also available in single or double sided fusible form, but that is completely unnecessary for this project, since the foam needs to be sewn around the edges onto a backing fabric anyway. If you happen to have the fusible type, you can surely use it, but don't fuse it with an iron - just pretend it's not fusible and follow the sewing instructions. No need to buy more as you only need a small amount for the slippers (although it is a great product to have at hand if you are into bag-making). 

3. Precision when cutting is worth the effort: It is important to cut accurately, because the pattern pieces are quite small, so a millimetre here and a millimetre there adds up to quite a big percentage overall. Also, when making a pair of slippers, it's best if the two match, don't you think?


I believe this covers everything I can think of so far, but I will make sure to add anything else that crops up.

a pair of whisper slippers by dhurata davies, made in liberty tana lawn fabric
a pair of whisper slippers by dhurata davies, made in nani iro double gauze fabric

Enjoy sewing your slippers and please share your pics - I love to see what you make with my patterns.

Take care, Dhurata x

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