My name is Dhurata and I am a dressmaking pattern designer and private sewing tutor. I live in West Sussex, UK, with my husband and two gorgeous sons. I was born in Kosovo where I grew up inspired by great men and women who knew how to make pretty much anything with their bare hands. That is not to say I’m not still growing up and learning every single day! I met my husband in Kosovo right after the war and we got married in 2000. We have had great fun travelling ever since (because of his work) and experienced some pretty diverse places, soaking up all that they had to offer. We’ve been back in the UK since the summer of 2013 trying to lay some roots for the first time since we met. So far, so good!

I have always been a creative person in one way or another. Ever since a child I loved drawing, designing and making various things. I studied graphic design at university, tried my hand at interior design, clothing design, dressmaking, knitting, crochet, upholstery… and everything in between. The thing I love the most though is clothing design and dressmaking. I’ve always made clothes for myself and others and there’s no greater pleasure for my creative part of the brain than laying a piece of fabric on my cutting table and moments later (or, in extreme cases, hours later!!!) ending up with a wearable, useable and unique item of clothing! So, as you can imagine, I spend a lot of my time doing just that and perfecting my technique. Between October 2014 and February 2018, I worked part-time at one of my local fabric shops, where I did more of the same, as well as teaching dressmaking classes. During my time there, I also co-founded and designed their children’s dressmaking patterns. I love designing for children as much as for adults and I’ve been doing that successfully ever since having my very own first baby in 2005. Back then in New York, greatly inspired by my baby and the city, I started a handmade children’s clothing business. I had an online Etsy shop at the very start of Etsy as a concept and also supplied a few baby boutiques.

I now design my own brand of dressmaking patterns for adults, babies and children. Most of the patterns are available in paper and digital format. You can purchase them here through the website or my Etsy shop

I also teach private sewing classes at my home studio. I love sharing my knowledge of sewing with others and especially with those at the very beginning of their journey. I try and make their first experience of sewing as encouraging and rewarding as possible. I believe that being able to make your own clothing is an incredibly valuable and enjoyable skill that should be available to all.  

On the blog you will find various things I make and do… but mainly sewing patterns and projects and the way I do it. I hope my experience and the skills I share will be of use and inspire you on your own creative journey!


Happy making : )