Sizing explained

All adult patterns on my collection are drafted for a height of 168cm and a dressmaker’s B cup (this is not bra size related but a difference of 5cm between high bust and full bust measurement).

The earlier patterns, including Maxine Dress, Maxine Sweater, Jasmine Tee & Dress, Cora Tee and Lulu Knickers were designed based on pattern drafting blocks I had developed in the very beginning and which proved a little difficult to add more sizes to. These patterns are available in sizes 6-20UK only (except Lulu Knickers, which was 6-18UK and which has already been updated). Please refer to the images on each individual pattern for measurement details.

I have since adopted new and improved pattern drafting blocks to work from. These are based on updated body measurements and have allowed me to add a few more sizes to the range, which include 4-24UK (bust 76-122cm, waist 60-106cm, hip 84-127cm). The latest patterns, The Overlap, Olive Skirt and Edith, were developed using these new pattern blocks with extended sizes. I intend to update the earlier patterns to reflect these changes in the future so all patterns can be a uniform range. Please bear with me on this as I work on my own and progress can be really slow at times. 

Happy to say that Lulu Knickers has already been updated and re-drafted using the new blocks, including sizes 4-24UK. 

Despite all good intentions and much discussion on the subject, expanding the size range further has proven to be beyond my own ability and financial resources. I don’t have pattern cutters or designers working for me - it’s truly just me doing everything. Although I like the flexibility of time this gives me and the control I have over my work, it also means that growth comes at a slower pace. If I were to offer more sizes, an additional size band would be the best way to go about it, but I would need to get help with this. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to do so at this point and am very hesitant to make any promises for the foreseeable future. This may be disappointing for some, but please know that it is only a reflection of my personal limitations as a small and relatively new business.

I hope this helps with any sizing questions and that the patterns in sizes I do offer provide creative inspiration for many.

Dhurata x