Pattern Errata

Martha Dress - the instructions on patterns purchased from my website or etsy shop before 16 November 2023 will have recommended 3 metres (3 and 1/4 yards) of fabric for view B in 150cm (59") wide fabric. A couple of customers got in touch to point out that this proved a little difficult to achieve, so I have decided to increase the fabric amount to 3.4 metres (3 3/4 yards) to allow for an easier cutting layout. Digital pattern customers would have automatically received an updated copy. Paper pattern customers please click here for the corrected pages with the relevant details circled in red. 


Minnie Bag - patterns purchased before 4 July 2023 contain errors on the size of the gussets for view B (round version) and number of pattern pieces to cut on 4A and 4B. Digital customers would have received an updated link automatically. Paper pattern customers please click here for the corrected instruction page and pattern pieces. 


Olive Skirt -  digital pattern only - the PDF version of the pattern ordered before 13 April 2021 had an error on page 3 of the instruction file. This had to do with the fabric amounts in yards and has now been corrected. You will have automatically received a link to the updated file. There is no known error on the actual pattern itself so there is no need to reprint. 


Maxine Sweater - all paper and digital patterns purchased before 4 November 2019 contain a mistake on the instruction pages.

Piece 3 was missing from the cutting layout and there was a miscalculation on the recommended fabric amount as a consequence. Corrections have been made to the cutting layout and the fabric amount in both the metric and imperial pages.

Please click here for the corrected pages only. (these are page 2, 3 and 4 from the pdf instructions)

The actual pattern remains unchanged. The information and images on the pattern listings have already been updated and are correct.