Edith top with a ruffled sleeve hack!

Hello everyone, 

As promised, here are the details of the easiest sleeve hack on my current favourite Edith top. I swear, each variation I make somehow becomes a favourite! 


I used the cuff pattern piece on the Edith pattern to determine the size of the ruffled sleeve piece.


Edith sewing pattern by Dhurata Davies

Trace the cuff piece on a larger piece of paper. I used pattern paper here, but you don't have to... although the grid is always useful. 


Edith sewing pattern by Dhurata Davies

Add an extra half cuff measurement to the width and about 3cm (1 and 3/16") to the length of the ruffle piece. That looked about right amount to me and it's how I did it, but of course you can add as much as you like either side for more gathers or a longer ruffle.


Edith sewing pattern by Dhurata Davies

Remember to still cut the fabric on the fold when using this new pattern piece.


Edith sewing pattern by Dhurata Davies

Gather one long edge of the ruffle then attach to the armhole. (see the neck ruffle gathering on the Edith instruction booklet). It was easier to do this while laying the garment flat, before sewing the sides, so I could distribute the gathers equally. Finish the seam allowance together and press towards the garment.


Edith sewing pattern by Dhurata Davies

You can sew the sides of the garment as normal, including the ruffle, but I thought it would be nice to do a french seam instead. Click here to read the seam finishing blog, if you'd like to learn how. I left the ruffled sleeve unhemmed as I really love the selvedge on this lovely fabric. 

I hope you find this useful when planning your new Edith.

Happy sewing, Dhurata x



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  • I love how easy it is to upgrade the Edith top with ruffled sleeves using the cuff pattern piece from the sample pattern itself. Just follow the steps, and you’re good to go! The blouse is already cute as it is but the ruffled sleeves took it to a whole new level.


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