Cora Tee pattern - adding length and other mods!

Hi everyone,

24 May, 2020

I thought I’d show you a quick way to add length to the Cora Tee pattern, which is what I did last week. Yes, yes, I know... it was before the pattern was even released yet, but it’s too good an opportunity to miss and I just couldn’t help it! I thought you deserved and needed to know. 

I’ll show you what to do with the front piece.

Trace the front piece on a large sheet of paper (pattern paper, roll of wallpaper, your kids' Ikea easel paper roll, stick some printer paper together... anything you have available.

Make sure to mark the waistline properly, as this is where you will add length from. Ignore everything below that.

It's completely up to you how long you make it. I wanted this particular one to be knee length, with no vents and straight hem. So, I measured and calculated that I needed to add 60cm from the waistline. That includes the 3cm for the hem. As you can see, after marking the 60 cm from the waist, I've just simply squared down from the side waist. So, that's the front piece done. It's, of course, always a good idea to transfer the pattern markings, size, etc., for next time.

I did the same with the back pattern piece and adjusted the length of the contrasting back panel accordingly.

When constructing it, I followed the same steps as per the pattern instructions, apart from anything to do with the vents, and hemmed it in the round. I turned 3cm up for the hem. 

Here it is:



You can, of course, use this as a starting point to make it shorter, longer, a maxi with vents up to the knees, go a little wider at the bottom, etc. Lots of room to play. I will update this post with any future versions I come up with, but below is another one I made at the same time last week. This is shorter by 7cm and I added a simple belt as a total afterthought, which I actually really love. 


I hope you find this useful and you feel inspired to come up with your own Cora Tee versions and hacks. 

Both these lovely jersey fabrics, as well as the contrast on the green version, were from and are perfect for this pattern.


09 July, 2020

I recently made the Cora Tee with a woven front as well as centre back panel. I didn't actually have to make any modifications to the pattern pieces. It worked perfectly! Just had to make sure that I finished all the raw edges appropriately because, unlike jersey fabric, the woven edges will definitely fray if left unfinished. 

I used a combination of a Nani Iro cotton/silk mix from (it feels divine!!!)

and a bamboo jersey from (last year's trip to NYC!).

Here's the result:


Take care and keep sewing, 

Dhurata x

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