Maxine Sweater sleeve hack, etc!

Hello everyone, 

As promised, here's an easy way to modify the sleeve on the Maxine Sweater pattern as I did in my last make I posted on Instagram/Facebook page.


maxine sweater sleeve hack

I widened and lengthened the sleeve but left out the cuffs. As you can see from the pattern piece below, I made the width at the cuff as wide as it is at the bicep (armpit?). No changes were made to the sleeve cap. 

sleeve hack

I also added 7,5cm to the length, which includes the 3cm I folded up for hemming. The amount you add to the length may vary depending on your arm length and also your sleeve length preference, so please test this. 

  sleeve hem-RS    sleeve hem-WS

With the sleeve being so wide now, it was never going to have to stretch to fit my arm so I decided to hem it with three rows of regular straight stitch instead of using any stretch stitches. I love the way this looks and no coverstitch machine necessary. (Just as well, since I don't actually have one!!!) 

The fabric I used for this is a beautiful french terry sweater knit fabric from and I'm so in love with it. This will definitely be a favourite item in my wardrobe.

I used the same sleeve modification when I made a Maxine Sweater with elasticated cuffs in blush teddy coat fabric . I did exactly the same but left a 2-3cm opening when hemming it, in order to feed the elastic through. This was a little while ago, but I believe the elastic was about 1.5cm wide. I've worn this loads and the sleeve variation just gives a different, more delicate feel to the garment. 

blush maxine sweater 

If you haven't tried the pattern already and you'd like to give it a go, you can find it on my website in paper or digital format. (15 March, 2020)


Sweater to woven T-shirt hack! (11 July, 2020)

Here's another thing I tried with this pattern. I used a linen fabric for the body and sleeves to make a T-shirt. I wasn't sure about the colour of the linen to start with so I used a bright orange jersey for the neckband and cuffs to add some interest. I think this worked really well and am really pleased how it turned out. Here's a list of the changes i made to the pattern:

- I shortened the sleeves. This can be any length you like, but mine measured 9cm on the inseam.

- I added jersey cuffs, same width as the neckband piece. I measured my upper arm to determine the length of the cuff pieces and only added 2cm to this measurement for seam allowance.

- I skipped the waistband and used binding as facing instead, which i made from the main linen fabric. (see last photo)

- no other changes to the pattern pieces.

This makes a lovely boxy woven t-shirt. I think I may make a few more of these for the summer. 


Stay safe and happy sewing, 

Dhurata x


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  • Ooh I love both variations! I ordered my paper pattern on Monday so I can’t wait to receive it and have a go 😊


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