Liberty Angel, festive decoration!

Hello hello, 

Are you still sewing and crafting for the holidays? I hope so, because I've got a little project to share with you, especially if you've got lots of small pieces of Liberty tana lawn fabric. Being so fine, this fabric is perfect for this project. The idea is borrowed from the accordion folded paper angels you see everywhere. Using fabric for me means that it will last longer and be kept for years to come, not to mention that it would make a lovely gift.

Both fabrics were from Clothkits, one of my local fabric and haberdashery shops - they stock a large selection of Liberty fabrics, among other lovely things. Imagine the possibilities!

a christmas angel liberty fabric decoration

I used:

Liberty tana lawn fabric for the body - 2x 15cm x 30cm

Lightweight cotton chambray fabric for the wings - 2x 15cm x 15cm

Fusible web (mine was bondaweb) - 1x 15cm x30cm and 1x 15cm x 15cm

A 2cm wooden bead and some string (about 45-50cm long)


Start by cutting the fusible web to size...


...and fuse to the wrong side of one piece of fabric according to manufacturer's instructions. 


Trim the excess fabric and peel off the backing paper.


Place this piece upside down on the wrong side of the other piece of fabric and fuse once more. This will bond the two pieces of fabric together, give stability and stop the edges from fraying.


Trim again and repeat this process for the body.


You will have two one bonded fabric piece for the body and one for the wings.


Fold and press each piece as you go along.

Use a hole punch of some sort to make a hole near the top of the body and the centre of the wings through all the layers.


Thread the string through the hole on the body...


...then thread both ends of the string through the hole on the wings.


Tighten the strings and knot together then thread through the bead.


Make one knot on top of the bead to secure it in place and one to secure the ends together.


I used a couple of glue dots to stick the bottom of the wings to the sides of the body, but any craft/fabric glue will do the job.


Hold in place with clips while drying and you're all done.

Isn't it beautiful?!

I hope you enjoy making these. Please tag with #DDlibertyangel if you post on social media - I'd love to see them!

Have a lovely weekend, Dhurata x


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