How to install or remove plastic poppers (snap fasteners) when making a Penny Romper

Hi there, 

I've made a couple of short videos to help you with the plastic poppers on the Penny Romper pattern. Although, these instructions apply to any garment you'd like to place them on. The first video will show you how to install them and the second one will show you how to remove them if you happen to install them on the wrong side of the garment or wrong place altogether.

Installing the poppers!

Here's what you need: size 20 T5 plastic poppers/snaps, the relevant popper/snap pliers and a tapered awl or similar tool to help you mark the hole

Plastic poppers come in two parts - one part is made up of one cap and one female popper and the other part is made up of one cap and one male popper. (Don't ask why they're called that! I really wish I had a better name for them...) 

The pliers I'm using are KAM pliers and i bought them from ebay, but there's other kinds and brands you can explore, just make sure that they are the right kind for the poppers you're using. (search 'kam snap pliers' 'plastic poppers and pliers' 'snap fasteners', etc)

The video has no sound, but I've tried to make it as slow and self explanatory as possible so you should be ok. Just click on the link below:

install poppers video

Removing the poppers!

If you happen to place the poppers on the wrong side, don't panic! Here's how to remove them safely without causing too much (if any) damage to the fabric. Please be careful not to hurt yourself with whatever tool you decide to use! There's probably a special tool for this particular task, but I like to use those little cuticle trimmers meant for your nails. They are just the right size to get in the centre of the poppers where the flattened point of the cap needs to be removed. You can use any other tiny cutting pliers if you think they're small and precise enough. Click on the link below to see how:

remove poppers video

I hope you find these videos helpful.

This pattern is available in paper and PDF format - click here for paper or here for the PDF!

Happy making, 

Dhurata x


  • I have nearly finished rhe rompers for my grandaughter aged 9 months. Pattern from Clothkits. Making the 12 month size. Traced the pattern as suggested. Nice well thought out pattern and rompers are really cute. Enjoyable and quick to make.
    Just the poppers to go and will so watch the video. Thank you!

  • Hello!
    I met you last Monday in the sewing machine shop and told you that I will make the Penny Romper! It did it! And I am very proud it turned out quite nice. I am a very beginner but your description were really good and I managed well. I made the 12 months version but it is too big, so I will probably do another in 6 months size and hope it fits Marla (11 months) now. Better this way then the other way round!
    It was really nice meeting you! What are the odds!!! I will check out more of your patterns and hope to do more pretty little clothes soon. I really would love a nice best as I find them very practical to keep baby warm but not have them overheat. Unfortunately, I go back to work soon so much less time! Thanks for making this pattern and good luck with your sewing machine!


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