Oven glove tutorial and free template

This is a quick and easy, stash-busting sewing project and a lovely gift idea if you’d like to surprise someone with an oven glove that matches their kitchen colours. You’ll need the free pdf template which I’ve created, 2 x 30cm pieces of contrasting fabrics (or if you’re a quilter, 2x fat quarters will be more than enough!) and 30cm of insulating wadding. You can find this in most fabric and craft stores or websites. (If in a rush you can also use a couple of layers of cotton wadding instead!)

PDF template

Please make sure you print the pdf at 100% scale otherwise you might lose some of the content or end up with a really tiny/huge oven glove. Unless you’d like to do that intentionally, of course!


Cut the template along the outer solid line then use this to cut 2 pieces for each of the fabrics and the insulating wadding.

Lay the lining pieces side by side wrong sides up, place the insulating wadding shiny side up and then place the main fabric pieces on top with right sides up. Secure the three layers together with pins then quilt either by machine or by hand using your choice of pattern. I chose to follow the pattern of the fabric and formed diamond shapes with a contrasting pink thread. Once you’ve finished, make sure to snip any loose threads.

quilted pattern

Lay the two quilted pieces on top of one another with right sides together and pin along the edges.


Cut the paper template along the dashed line and use this to mark the stitch line on top. Stitch these together with a straight stitch around the sides but not the cuff opening! (Just thought I’d mention that…) Trim the seam allowance to 6mm, make a few snips just in the narrow curve between the fingers and the thumb and then zigzag around. Nearly there…

You’ll need a piece of fabric 30cm long and 5cm wide to bind the raw edge around the cuff opening. You can cut this on the bias if you wish but it’s not necessary so it can be cut on a straight grain. Join it to make a loop and pin around the cuff right sides facing on the lining side. Stitch leaving a 1cm seam allowance and then press away from the glove. Fold 1cm of the other edge of the binding towards the wrong side and then fold this over to bind the seam. Pin and topstitch along the inner edge… and there you have it – your very own handmade oven glove! Ready to bake : )

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